Siegling Gulf has very firm believe and commitment that to promote Siegling Gmbh Hannover product through out GGC and UAE.
We have very clear targets by the end of 2008 we will be leading supplier of conveyor belts.
1.Arabian packaging co.
2.ARC international.
3.Al Jaziera Converting.
4.Al Wasl Bakery.
5.Al cazar Bakery.
6.Al Madina Baker.
7.Gyma enter prize
Manufacturing , trade and services companies locally put their trust in our product and services and benefit from our extensive local service and distribution system.
Seigling Gulf has complete product range and splicing facilities in the...


Oman Rolling Belts has been established in 18th August 2003 , we have now complete range of conveyor belts and accessories in our Stock.
Today markets demand a high level of flexibility and dynamism in all areas of a company-from the innovation of new products to quality management and customer service.
As a leading company in quality flat belts , conveyor and processing belts Oman Rolling as Advantage- Movement is second nature to us.
There is no question about our customers can expect:
Total commitment to continual development and improvement of all our services-we hit the ground running.
Oman Rolling Belts as Siegling Gulf guarantees consistent market orientation,top product quality and comprehensive service and advisory assistance. Of course ,the certainty that Siegling Gulf Products applications and Services comply with the requirement of tomorrow’s world.
But even top quality products and commitment cannot replace personal contact to the customer . this is why we have appro.125 customers in GCC. And we have 7 techenical and non technical Staff.

Our aim is to help make today’s world better and more comfortable with high quality products and solutions.
For that reason we place very high demands not only on the quality of our products but also on the continuous improvement of environmental protection performance both in technical and administrative areas. Siegling Gulf is often the forerunner in introducing quality service. That save lose of production and inventory system in the store.
As a result our research and development is not just a reaction to our customers needs but an integral part of our own concepts and vision.